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We at DiRonco believe wholeheartedly in organic lawn care. Here is what our customers have to say!


"Thank you for making our lawn beautiful. We expected it to look worse than the company that used to take care of our lawn with chemicals. Though we were surprised how much nicer it looked throughout the year."


I have always been skeptical about organic care products,thinking chemicals was the only way to a beautiful lawn... DiRonco Organic Lawn Care has proven to me that is not so!
Leslie Marconi is extremely knowledgeable in the field of organic lawn care,having completed several courses in this field.She and her staff work carefully and slowly with me in an effort to teach us as well as produce a regimen that was specific to our lawns needs! We have seen amazing positive results!!
It may take a little longer to change over however the fact that we are chemical free and well on our way to a beautiful lawn is so worth the bit of a wait!!
Thanks DiRonco- we believe!!!
Windsor Locks Ct.


Using an organic regime for my lawn is very important to me. I have small grandchildren who play outside, and knowing they are not breathing, rolling or digging in pesticides gives me a great sense of relief. The benefit to my lawn is a win win! From making my grass green and maintaining a summer program to spring and fall clean up, DiRonco Organic Lawn Care's personalized service is my go to company!!
Windsor Locks CT.


Leslie and William have worked on my lawn for the past 3 summers and I could not be happier with their services. I love dealing with Leslie because she truly believes in the mission of organic lawn care. She guides me but does not push products or services. She is knowledgeable and professional, yet relaxed and flexible. Her pricing is reasonable and a la carte, meaning she doesn’t require a season-long contract.

Even though organic lawn care is known to work more slowly than chemical treatments, I have been delighted with the results. My lawn does not look like a putting green, but looks instead (to me) like a verdant welcome mat that invites both bare feet and pets. One of my proudest moments was when a neighbor walked by my house, complimented me on my lawn and questioned whether it was really organic care that had produced such great results.

I recommend Leslie unequivocally - and enthusiastically - to anyone who wants to explore organic lawn care.

- Lori from West Hartford