DiRonco Organic lawn treatments bring back the needed natural microscopic organisms of good healthy lawn bacteria, fungi beneficial nematodes, protozoa, and earthworms (your lawns and plants find these yummy and nutritious). All of these nutrients feed your soil, which feeds your lawns and plants. We work from the roots up!

It all starts with the soil. Organic lawn care provides a good, healthy soil which supports your lawn and plants and creates a safe, worry-free environment for you, your children, and pets. Chemical fertilizers and weed & insect killers change your soil’s environment to poor, lifeless soil that does not support your lawn and plants.

As our name indicates, we don’t stop at organic lawn care! DiRonco Organic Lawn & Garden Care carries organic treatments to your flower and vegetable gardens, shrubs, and trees. Imagine not having to worry about what is in the pesticide you put on your fruits and vegetable gardens for you. Or if you don’t have room, we’ll design container gardens to work in the space that you do have.

Aeration is a process of opening up cores or hooks of soil to allow your lawn to breathe and more!!


Clippings do not cause thatch!!!